Levytator: The next generation escalator is a conveyor belt.

LevytatorThe escalator is more than a hundred years old. It has become the symbol of fancy shopping malls and has conquered offices, subway stations and big universities as well. Sadly, the technology behind it is nearly as backward as the invention is old: The steps move on a straight line; once they reach the end, they’re being brought back underneath. Levytator now makes the escalator more efficient by letting the steps rotate clockwise, making use of the well-known conveyor belt technology.

It is basically the same principle that is already in use in tens of thousands of baggage claims in airports all over the world. See the video below which explains more than a thousand words. At current state it’s a working design study by City University of London which is seeking partnerships with architects and manufacturers. If it proves to work properly, we might be able to say goodbye to frail escalators by the end of the century. Way to roll!

Idea submitted by Tueksta, via Core77, dvice, Engadget.

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